Texas Redesigns Paper License Labels to Include New Security Features – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is revamping the look of the problematic temporary paper license plates issued by dealerships to include enhanced security features aimed at reducing fraud.

The DMV said on Thursday that dealers will start issuing the redesigned time stamps on December 9th.

“This is the next step in ongoing efforts that have made a significant difference in curbing and preventing the fraudulent manufacture of, access to, and use of temporary tags,” the DMV said in a press release.

NBC 5 determined has reported on the proliferation of fake tags used by criminals who gained access to the government system by registering as a merchant and then selling the tags online.

The new tags, which DMV said took several months to develop, have a new look and embedded security features that will help police identify fake tags and increase the security of traffic stops.

Features of the new temporary tags theme may include:

  • Texas flag watermark.
  • Improved display of tag expiration date, vehicle year and make, and issuing dealer name.
  • Identification of the specific type of tag issued.
  • Font selection and size that maximizes the readability of the main components.
  • Active and passive security features identifiable by law enforcement agencies.
  • Lots of embedded data and text linked to law enforcement databases that can only be generated by internal TxDMV computer systems.

“With the support of our law enforcement partners, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is setting a new standard for security and temporary tag design,” said Daniel Avitia, executive director of TxDMV.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is revamping the look of the problematic temporary paper license plates issued by dealerships to include enhanced security features aimed at reducing fraud.


Changing the design of temporary paper labels may not be enough to stop criminals, a Texas lawmaker says NBC 5 determinedand he has introduced laws calling for even greater changes.

“Until I believe we completely eliminate paper labels in the state of Texas, we won’t get rid of the problem,” said State Rep. Craig Goldman (Republican – Fort Worth).

He introduced legislation requiring metal signs to replace paper labels.

“It’s really a shame and a joke again for the state of Texas that we allow these massive amounts of paper or temporary license plates in this state,” Goldman said.

“We shouldn’t even be here”

The announcement came three days after a Grand Prairie police officer died in an accident while stalking the driver of a car with a temporary number plate.

investigators said NBC 5 determined Since first printing this spring, the same paper tag has been reproduced hundreds of times for vehicles in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Now, Grand Prairie police say they wish the change had come sooner.

“I’m glad they did it. I won’t elaborate further,” said Daniel Scense, Chief of the Grand Prairie Police Department NBC 5 determined. “I’m just telling you that I’m frustrated that we’re in this position. How about? I am frustrated. We shouldn’t even be here.”

DMV chief executive Charles Bacarisse said NBC 5 determined in April that the agency would re-examine paper label design after an NBC 5 investigation revealed not only how labels could be easily counterfeited, but also how some small-car dealerships used DMV’s proprietary system to print hundreds of thousands of temporary labels , according to the police, were then sold on the black market.

When asked why the design of the new paper label took so long, a Texas DMV spokesperson said, “The project required significant programming of the department’s registration systems…” and “During this time, the department worked on several projects to continue fighting fraud.” . .”

The DMV declined to comment on Rep. Goldman’s suggestion that metal plates be used instead.


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