Texas politician Clayton Perry has been arrested in a hit-and-run accident

Shocking police footage captures a Texas politician moments after he allegedly fled the scene of a hit-and-run car accident on Sunday – sprawled in his yard looking disoriented and intoxicated.

Bodycam footage released by the San Antonio Police Department shows the responding officer standing across from San Antonio City Council member Clayton Perry, who is lying on his side in the dark and unable to sit up.

“Are you aware that your Jeep is still moving?” the officer asks after walking past the vehicle parked in the driveway with its headlights and brake lights still on.

“Oh sh-” replies Perry.

The officer informs Perry that his Jeep pulled into his own garage and was involved in an accident that night about two miles from his home.

A confused Perry insists he has no recollection of being in a car accident.

San Antonio City Council member Clayton Perry is seen disoriented in police bodycam footage.
San Antonio City Council member Clayton Perry was found disoriented and sprawled in his yard by police officers.

Several witnesses told police that the councilman’s jeep crashed into a Honda Civic around 9:10 p.m., causing major damage to the car, KSAT-TV reported.

The driver of the jeep did not stop, witnesses said.

An arrest warrant was issued for Perry on Thursday, and the embattled elected official turned himself in hours later.

He was charged with failing to stop and provide information after an accident that public records say resulted in over $200 in damage to a vehicle. If found guilty, he faces up to 180 days in prison and a $2,000 fine.

Perry's Jeep was still moving and had crashed into the garage of his home when a San Antonio police officer arrived.
Perry’s Jeep was still moving and had crashed into the garage at his home.

Earlier that night, Perry drove through a BBQ restaurant where a worker claimed he smelled of alcohol and could barely keep his eyes open, according to an affidavit.

The Texas police didn’t actually place an order and tried to give the manager his wallet and car keys.

“It appears you were driving while drunk,” officer Perry says in the clip.

“Not me,” Perry replies, before repeatedly denying he drove that night.

The officer then asks where he was that night, to which the councilman laughs and quips, “Had a good time.”

Perry also couldn’t remember his own phone number, according to footage, and didn’t know what time it was.

San Antonio City Council member Clayton Perry in a mugshot.
Perry turned himself in after an arrest warrant was issued for him on Thursday.

However, police did not test Perry’s blood alcohol level that night.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg told a local TV station that Perry should resign if the charges against him are true.

Speaking to reporters after being released from prison, Perry said he had no plans to step down from his post.

“I’ve already said I apologize for the trouble,” Perry said, but declined to answer if he’d been drinking that night.