Texas Newcomers Report: In a slow week against TCU, Ryan Watts, the transfer portal’s off-season signing, continues to shine

Welcome back to this week’s Texas Longhorns Newcomers report.

It’s honestly less of a report and more of a brief rundown of how some of the new faces of Texas football — freshmen as well as those who joined the Longhorns through the NCAA transfer portal.

Short and sweet, in other words.

Let’s see how the newcomers fared against the TCU Horned Frogs.

Quinn Ewers, QB: Ewers now has seven collegiate starts to his name. It’s been an up and down so far. The redshirt freshman went just 17-to-39 for 171 yards and 1 interception. Ewers remains a generational talent for Texas. This part is clear from a few cursory glances. And like any 19-year-old phenom, he lacks the repetitions necessary to excel in the college game. But they will come with time. Meanwhile, the development of Ewers continues at full speed.

Jaydon Blue, RB: The true freshman running back saw some playing time.

Savion Red, WR: Like Blue, Red has some action on the field against TCU.

Brenen Thompson, WR: True freshman Thompson has also gotten some reruns.

Kelvin Banks, LT: True freshman Banks has started all ten games for the Longhorns so far this season, which means he’s already progressed through part of the increasingly challenging Big 12 gauntlet. It wasn’t always pretty, given Texas’ learning curve against people like the then-no. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide and as of last week the No. 4 TCU Horned Frogs but it’s something to build on. That counts for something in the college football world. And Banks is building on his experience game after game for the Longhorns, indeed, indeed, indeed. Expect Banks to be called by the NFL in a few years.

Cole Hutson, R.G: Ditto for true freshman Hutson, who started his tenth game of the 2022 season over the weekend. And indeed, Hutson takes his time.

Cameron Williams, RT: The true freshman saw some playing time.

Judge Finkley, EDGE: Finkley came into play and accounted for 1 tackle that day.

Ethan Burke, Rand: It wasn’t much, but Burke did get some live replays over the weekend.

Diamonte Tucker-Dorsey, LB: Tucker-Dorsey, a senior player who came to Texas from the FCS ranks last offseason, saw 4 tackles (3 solo, 1 assist) on the night. He also recorded 1 sack. Throughout the season, Tucker-Dorsey has consistently earned extra game-day play time. Expect him to keep the momentum going through the end of the season.

Ryan Watts, CB: As usual, Watts has been busy all Saturday night against a typically strong TCU offense. Watts has been dominant all year, as expected, and was sorely missed a few weeks ago after going down with an injury against Iowa State. However, Watts returned to the field shortly after. He recorded 6 tackles (5 solo, 1 assist) against TCU that day. He also recorded 1 sack.

Terrence Brooks, CB: True freshman Brooks saw his first college over the weekend against TCU. He ended the afternoon with 4 duels.

Austin Jordan, CB: Jordan only saw a bit of game time against TCU.

Lance St. Louis, DS: True freshman St. Louis saw action over the weekend.

Will Stone, K: Another true newcomer, Stone now has ten starts in the books. Against TCU, he had 3 kickoffs with 1 touchback.