Sting Factor: Colton Vasek’s flip from Oklahoma to Texas

When a major program loses a key recruit, examines how hard it is for each school and analyzes it on a local and national level. To quantify the “streak” of each release, we assign a score from one to ten, with one being no big deal and ten being a disastrous hit.


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Colton Vasek plays Westlake at Austin, Texas, he’s a Texas legacy and the Longhorns really wanted him in their recruiting class so it was a big win for the Sooners when he signed for Oklahoma on Aug. 1.

It was a big recruitment statement from the first-year coach Brent Venables when Oklahoma beat Texas and Oregon for Vasek’s services. The four-star defensive end cited his relationship with Venables and a host of assists as one of many reasons the Sooners won.

But in recent days, Vasek went back on his promise to the Sooners and made a move to the Longhorns.

His relationship with QB commit Arch Manning and many others in the class, as well as Texas playing better — and perhaps the Sooners are struggling a little more — played a role in Vasek’s ultimate decision.

One thing is clear: Oklahoma looked like the big winner in the Vasek Sweepstakes until it wasn’t. And Texas gets one of the better defensive ends in the 2023 class.



I don’t think you can argue that this doesn’t trump Oklahoma significantly, not only are the Sooners losing a high-end commitment in a key position, but their loss is their biggest rival’s gain.

The Sooners have done a lot to prepare for what has felt like a possibility since the Cotton Bowl meeting almost a month ago. And while those preparations are helping with recovery, there’s just no denying the risk of pursuing a Texas legacy from Austin, which stung the Sooners here. – Josh McCuistion,

stitch factor: 8th



Though Oklahoma eventually missed out on Vasek, Brent Venables and his staff should continue to look for top targets, whether legacies, even those living near Texas or another campus. The Sooners need to flex their recruiting muscles and keep chasing the best players in the country even if they’re missing some guys like Vasek or David Hicks Jr. or anyone else. Oklahoma shouldn’t take a backseat to anyone.

In terms of how much this hurts, it’s definitely significant because Vasek is very talented and has moved to Oklahoma’s rivals. There’s no getting away from the fact that the four-star could have made a significant contribution to the Sooners’ defense, but I’m pretty sure a lot of top players would jump on the move to join OU’s Recruit class. – Adam Gorney, National Recruitment Director

stitch factor: 7