Five questions before Texas Football with two games left

We’ve played ten games of Texas football. Despite the sample size, the Longhorns face many questions with two games to play.

After the Alabama-Oklahoma game, Quinn Ewers seemed like a certainty for Texas. Since then, Ewers has struggled to meet his recipients. The one-time elite prospect isn’t the only player whose performance has been inconsistent.

The entire defense unit dominated against TCU out of nowhere after struggling for the past several weeks. Barryn Sorrell has been looking elite for a few weeks. In other appearances, Sorrell seemed to be missing from the stat sheet.

For the first time in his tenure, I’m not sure Steve Sarkisian can handle the call duties or not. He’s still the elite game designer, but it’s unclear if he knows when to make the right decisions.

As the regular season draws to a close, let’s look at what Texas has to answer going forward.

When will Bijan Robinson be targeted in the passing game?

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Texas has two more regular season games from Bijan Robinson. It’s time to unleash all your skills against the opposing defence. Robinson has been noticeably absent from the passing game, partly because Ewers has missed him when he’s open. The Longhorns must consider making him the main reader for more passing games.

Can defensive dominance be replicated?

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Pete Kwiatkowski has coached two dominant games this year. Both faced the Longhorns’ toughest opponents, Alabama and TCU. The biggest advantage is that the players look like they know what they are doing. There’s anticipation from players like Ryan Watts. Terrance Brooks shone in his playing time. Barryn Sorrell and Jaylan Ford are successful in their roles. These players are in development and could form a dominant unit next season.

Can’t they really adapt?

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Texas seems to be missing some obvious offensive adjustments in the second half. It could be that Sarkisian isn’t getting enough aerial help from his eyes in the sky, or that his quarterback needs to read better. Whatever the problem, Texas needs to start seeing the field better.

How will Texas simplify the offense?

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Texas doesn’t do Ewers much favors with play calling or surrounding help. It might be time to just lean on Jordan Whittington and Bijan Robinson.

Will Texas Fix Its Sanity?

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Xavier Worthy and Quinn Ewers have been visibly shaken up since the Oklahoma State Game. Texas coaches need to coach them back to a more confident place.

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