Concentric, LLC, an OnPoint Group company, acquires Texas Motive Solutions

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE). This acquisition expands Concentric’s footprint and capabilities for customers in two of the top 10 US logistics markets, Dallas and Houston.

An exclusive provider of Hawker Powersource, Inc., Texas Motive Solutions has a solid reputation for providing efficient service in the battery sales and solutions niche along with a strong team of experienced, service oriented engineers. The company is led by Evin Sisemore, a battery industry veteran. She founded Texas Motive with her husband, attorney Justin Sisemore, in 2018.

“Evin Sisemore has built one of the most dynamic sales and service teams in the forklift energy industry, a sector that has historically lacked women in key leadership positions. We are honored to add one of the best in the business to our team at Concentric. Evin’s focus on the customer and forklift dealer aligns directly with our own mission of providing consistency, security and cost savings to our partners. We will consolidate all Texas operations under Evin’s leadership and look forward to continuing to support the future success of our customers,” said John Winter, Concentric’s Chief Operating Officer.

“We are excited to support Concentric’s success in the Texas market while expanding the services and capabilities we offer to our current customer base. High speed assets are traditionally underserved in the forklift power industry and we look forward to helping them meet the challenges they face while delivering results in an increasingly complex supply chain,” said Evin Sisemore.

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