Are the Texas holidays really more festive? A list says it all

As the temperatures drop and we all bundle up for the winter season, the holiday season begins to take shape. Some just look forward to celebrating the holiday season more than others, of course. Whatever the choice of Texans, one thing is certain:

Everyone just seems happier during the holidays with all the different things that put a smile on our faces.

One thing is for sure though, some places are going all out when celebrating the holiday. Each place has its own way of celebrating, and while some are smaller, others are very extravagant. Wouldn’t you know, Texas could lay claim to doing the holidays better than most.

Thumbtack publishes the best festive cities

Recently, Thumbtack compiled data showing the top 20 cities to celebrate the holiday. The data collected related to home projects that many were planning for the season. Knowing this, how did Texas fare in the rankings?

Texas immediately cracked the top ten, San Antonio landed directly in tenth place. But the Lone Star State also finished in the top five, with Houston in fourth and Dallas-Fort Worth in two.

Number one? Drum roll please…Austin, Texas was voted the nation’s number one in celebration of the holiday. So, could Texas be the best place to enjoy the holidays? We could argue.

But it looks like we still have work to do, after all Texas should be the entire top 5, not just three!

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