3 Texas A&M Football Changes to be Made After Elimination from Bowl Competition

Texas A&M Football appears to be in free fall. They are currently 3-7 and will likely finish a miserable 4-8. Several reputable outlets and analysts singled out the Aggies to contend for the SEC West and a playoff spot in the preseason. Needless to say, with two games remaining in the regular season, the Aggies are the farther from those goals they have been in their tenure with the SEC.

A lot needs to change for the Aggies to move into 2023 and nothing should be considered off the table. Let’s take a look at all of the troubles at A&M as they try to flush the 2022 season out of their minds.


Let’s start with the big one, why not?

Texas A&M football could have its hands on an $85.95 million issue on behalf of Jimbo Fisher. Granted, A&M boosters have more cash to burn than you or I could dream of sniffing in a dozen lifetimes. But still, that’s a whole lot of money to spend on a coach buyout, and even the filthy rich are reluctant to give away $85 million in one place, let alone buy out its employees, so let’s look at nine – Imagine dumping Jimbo at this point.

Unfortunately, I hate being the bearer of bad news for many Aggie loyalists who just want to do it (I don’t actually), but it doesn’t seem likely that they would. Jimbo Fisher’s massive contract was a deterrent to the very kind of knee-jerk shooting that’s so ubiquitous in college football these days. So, bad luck!

2nd quarterback

We seem to have an answer to that. There were music chairs under the center at College Station this year. First it was Haynes King, then Max Johnson, then King, then Conner Weigman, then King again, and now barring another injury, Weigman seems like the guy moving forward.

It’s probably for the best, as Weigman, a true freshman, looked good in his first start against Ole Miss but picked up a minor injury, missed against Florida the following week and looked a bit rusty against Auburn.

Nonetheless, he will no doubt be the starter in these last two games and most likely the first day of 2023 as well. What the Aggies need to fix here is continuity. You can’t win soccer games by barely having the same guy in the middle in consecutive games. Texas A&M Football proved that in 2022.

1. Retention of Roster


Gerard Samillano ·

Blake Lovel ·

Paolo Songco ·

Do you know what one of the risks a school takes when they shell out boatloads of NIL money for a sign class? I will tell you. It is unable to control whether players stay close.

NIL deals cannot be based on merit, so even bench pressers can make big bucks. With a 4-8 record looming, Jimbo Fisher and his staff may have to re-recruit their record-breaking signing class for 2022 just to get them to stay out of the transfer portal. Most of them are likely to stay, but some Impact players might not, which could leave the Aggies vulnerable to another disappointment in 2023.

Texas A&M football needs to get that cash pipeline flowing as quickly as possible to retain both current players and potential signings. Otherwise, this buyout might not look that big on Jimbo Fisher’s head after all.

Welcome to the new world of college football. All the power is in the hands of the players, and that’s a glorious thing.