The Supreme Court seems poised to side with the Colorado web designer in the 303 Creative case

“A gay couple walks in and says I’d like the standard website, all standard, but I want something extra, I want the home page, the website, to say ‘God bless this union’ and Ms. Smith to say that this is a problem,” Kagan said. “I don’t know, I think it’s kind of different.” Olson confirmed … Read more

Poll: Political acrimony has had chilling effects on California’s education | Federal State

Uncivilized discourse and hostile political rhetoric have seeped into the nation’s classrooms, leading to a decline in support for classes on race and racism and a significant rise in harassment of LGBTQ youth, according to a poll of high school students released this week. rectors. Almost half of the 682 high school principals surveyed said … Read more

For the LGBTQ community in Colorado Springs, the Club Q shooting brought back memories of the area’s bigoted past — and the tremendous strides that have been made (and are yet to be made).

The Vietnam War propelled people like Martinez into activism and enabled a growing movement to create space for LGBTQ+ people in Colorado Springs. Martinez was ready to fight. For as long as he could remember, there were signs at local stores that read “No Mexicans or Dogs Allowed,” both depicting his family as animals and … Read more

Colorado Springs LGBTQ choir Out Loud unites community with song

Under the domed dome and dark wooden beams of a Colorado Springs church, a gay male choir rehearsed for a concert that took on new meaning after an LGBTQ nightclub was the scene of a shooting that killed five and injured more than a dozen. “There is no peace on earth, I said,” sang the … Read more

Colorado Springs struggles with its past after Club Q shooting

Mourners outside Colorado Springs City Hall where a rainbow flag was draped November 23 in honor of victims of the November 19 Club Q shooting. Photo: Chet Strange/Getty Images As Colorado Springs looks to the future, it struggles with its past. Driving the news: The Nov. 19 Club Q shooting, which killed five people and … Read more

As Colorado Springs mourns the shooting of Club Q, a cast of actors directs a special version of It’s a Wonderful Life.

A Christmas classic opens in Colorado Springs as the LGBTQ community mourns the Club Q shooting that left five dead. It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play opens this week at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Theater Company. This version of the American classic ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ still follows Bedford Falls idealist … Read more

‘Club Q Will Go On’: Colorado Springs LGBTQ Club Co-Owner Talks Recovery, Memorial Visit and Club Q’s Future

Wearing a Stonewall Inn t-shirt, Club Q co-owner Nic Grzecka didn’t hesitate to say the LGBTQ club will carry on after a mass shooting left 5 dead and many more injured. “It has to move on when you hear the stories and understand what it means for this community,” he said. He couldn’t speak to … Read more

This Colorado web designer doesn’t want to create wedding sites for same-sex couples. The US Supreme Court will decide whether this is legal

From Lorie Smith’s point of view, the problem is not the wedding website’s potential customers, but the message they want from her. Smith, the owner of 303 Creative, said she’s wanted to design wedding websites since she was a child, but because she’s a Christian, she doesn’t feel comfortable designing wedding venues for same-sex couples. … Read more

Fundraisers in Colorado Springs rally people behind the city’s LGBTQ community following the Club Q shooting

Atrevida Beer Co. of Colorado Springs had standing room only Tuesday night when the small brewery held a fundraiser for the LGBTQ+ Resource Center at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. The fundraiser came just days after a shooting killed five and injured nearly two dozen. But the fundraiser, hosted by UCCS graduate Richard … Read more

Navy officer Thomas James speaks out against accused Colorado gunman Anderson Aldrich

A US Navy member who helped subdue the suspected gunman in the deadly attack on an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado spoke for the first time about his exploits, saying he “just wanted to save the family that I found.” Petty Officer 2nd Class Thomas James was photographed in his bed at Centura Penrose Hospital, where … Read more