Why we still call it BOTW 2

Players have been referring to the BOTW sequel as BOTW 2 for the past three years, and many continue to use that name in place of Tears of the Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was revealed as the title for the sequel to breath of the wildbut not many players use his name instead of BOTW 2. TOTK was first announced in 2019, with Nintendo revealing this BOTW would get a sequel, but the title was not announced at this time. Players spent three years just knowing the game BOTW 2and many continue to refer to it by that name prior to the 2023 release date.

Since Nintendo was waiting so close tears of kingdomrelease date reveals its name, many players have made it a habit to simply access the game BOTW 2, and that’s a habit that might be hard to break considering it’s been going on for years. Most information about Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom remains rumored for now, as even the trailers reveal very little about what players can expect from the game. Between the title’s late reveal and the lack of knowledge of what the actual “Tears of the Kingdom” might be, one might expect players to be able to name it BOTW 2 even after its publication.


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Will players be calling BOTW 2 Tears of the Kingdom after release?

An image of a stone carving in TOTK's trailer showing seven teardrops surrounding a figure.

For now referring to Tears of the Kingdom how BOTW 2 doesn’t seem to confuse players. In view of TOTK is a confirmed sequel to BOTWname it BOTW 2 is not wrong. It will probably be easier to break this habit after playing TOTKbut it is possible that it will still be called BOTW 2 also since the players are already used to this name.

It’s time for players to finish or retry BOTW before Tears of the Kingdom is coming in May 2023, and there are even more mysteries to be discovered in such a big game. The speculation about TOTK could repeat BOTW Feel like a scavenger hunt for information about its sequel. The downside is that progress cannot be transferred BOTW to TOTKallowing players to start all over again even after completing Link’s previous journey.

The sequel for breath of the wild will be Tears of the Kingdombut his name is not yet used by every player as many are used to calling him BOTW 2. Nintendo is silent about the meaning behind it Tears of the Kingdom title, but it could mean a darker story in the sense of Majora’s mask or Twilight Princess. Even after the official release date, it’s okay if Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is or will continue to be known by its official name BOTW 2 as the journey ahead will be the same regardless of what players call the game.

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