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The company has announced a new set of Metallica Funko Pop vinyl figures. The characters will feature elements from the band’s iconic 1986 Master of Puppets era, which was again highlighted on the Netflix show this year. stranger things.

In a statement, the company said:

“Pull some strings and get stage access to the Metallica Master of Puppets Tour (1986) with this Walmart Exclusive POP! Deluxe Moment”

The product, which is exclusive to Walmart, will have pop figures of all the band members on a stage during their 1986 Master of Puppets tour, including the late Cliff Burton, Lars Ulrich, James Hettfield and Kirk Hammett. Cliff Burton died in a bus accident in Sweden in 1986.

A statement on the website reads:

“Official Funko Pop! x Metallica set from the Master of Puppets era! The boys take the stage 1986 style with our first Funko collaboration with Cliff Burton.”

The explanation went on:

“This Walmart-exclusive features Pop! Cliff Burton, Pop! Lars Ulrich, Pop! James Hettfield and Pop! Kirk Hammett on stage during their 1986 Master Of Puppets tour, with spotlights, scaffolding, a drum set and the background of the Master Of Puppets album.”

The Metallica Funko Pop Set will be available on November 23rd

The new Funko Pop set is a pre-order product and customers will be billed at the time of purchase. The product will be sold exclusively through Funko Pop!, Walmart and Metallica.com for $49.99. The product will be available from November 23rd.

As mentioned above, the Master of Puppets box set includes:

— Four vinyl figures including band members Cliff, James, Lars and Kirk on Tour Edition.

– A collection box.

— stage.

The company recently released its virtual music event, Popapalooza, which will feature characters from various legendary rock bands, including Dio, Pantera, Iron Maiden and Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider.

The company has previously worked with artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Guns ‘N Roses, Slipknot, Slayer, Ghost and Motörhead, among others.

Metallica congratulated Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson

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Earlier this year, at the Lollapalooza festival, Metallica paid tribute to Eddie Munson, who is portrayed as a metalhead on the sci-fi show. stranger things. He is also the leader of the Dungeons & Dragons Club on the show.

The show features the band’s song Master of the Dolls in the final episode of Season 4 where Munson plays the song on his guitar to distract the cruel creatures of Upside Down from his friends.

The band stated in a statement at the time:

“The way The Duffer Brothers integrated music into Stranger Things has always been next-level, so we were over the moon that they not only included ‘Master of Puppets’ in the show, but such a pivotal scene around it around.”

The song found popularity among the younger generation as it saw a surge in streams. After the song was featured on the show, it peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and the UK Top 100 Singles chart for the first time.