When will Walker Independence return with new episodes?

The first half of Walker’s independenceHis debut run ended with a touching episode in The Owl and the Arrow. At the halfway point in Season 1, three of the main characters took paths we could not have foreseen.

Calian confronted his trauma surrounding his sister’s kidnapping 15 years ago while also struggling with the reality of the citizens of Independence who thirst for his death over a murder he did not commit. He nearly jumped from the gallows in the latter ordeal, but last-minute revelations prevented him from entering the next life.

Now that his time in the city is up for now, we’ll see him spending more time with his fellow Apaches and exploring the world of Walker’s independence wider in the coming episodes. As for Abby, when it comes to Tom, she is left with a choice that she holds the man’s life in her hands in a way she didn’t expect.

The death of Reyes’ patriarch, Francis, will cause Hoyt to step up to help the family after Luis’ fatal decision. It will be interesting to watch as the outlaw works to become a respected member of the city, responsible for his actions and how they affect the people he cares about.

When will we return to this time of the West? Here’s what we know!

When is Walker Independence returning with new episodes on The CW?

According to Emmys, the series will air episode 8 on Thursday, January 12, 2023 at 9 p.m. ET. However, IMDb records that the episode has a January 5 release date. The CW’s midseason schedule has yet to be announced. We’ll update this section when the show’s mid-season premiere date is announced.

For a look at what to expect from the second half of Season 1, check out the promo below:

Judging from the promo above, we might see a little time warp in the show. We are also introduced to Abby’s sister. We found out about her earlier in the season, the two have a disagreement and her arrival could blow Abby’s cover.

She goes by the surname “Walker,” an English interpretation of the Apache name given to her by Calian and his people after rescuing her from the prairie. We’re excited to see how her sister’s appearance in Independence will affect her mission to take Tom down, considering the man in the promo is very much alive.

Walker’s independence Episode 8 cast
  • Katherine McNamara as Abby Walker
  • Matt Barr as Hoyt Rawlins
  • Katie Findlay as Kate Carver
  • Greg Hovanessian as Tom Davidson
  • Philemon Chambers as Augustus
  • Justin Johnson Cortez as Callian
  • Lawrence Kao as Kai
  • Gabriela Quezada as Lucia Reyes

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