An OG Air Jordan 1 is back with a twist: Air Jordan 1 “Lost and Found” Chicago release date, price, where to buy

In 2022, many sneakers were released. Many great sneakers were released in 2022. But for many, the sneaker of the year will be released on Saturday – the sneaker some have been waiting for, literally, for years, in some cases. Albeit with a little twist. On Saturday, the Air Jordan 1 Chicago returns with Lost and Found.

Of course I wrote about it Air Jordan 1 in the past. Next to the “Forbidden“Black/Red colorway, the Chicago colorway is perhaps the most famous colorway of the Air Jordan 1. This colorway was last released in 2015, which is fueling interest in this year’s release. Luckily, this drop will reportedly contain the most stock ever produced on an Air Jordan 1, as evidenced by the fact that earlier this month there was a shock drop in the SNKRS app for the Air Jordan 1 Uber fans who have at least 20 L’s in the past in the app. Shock Drops are usually a good sign that supply will be plentiful, but in this case demand will also be VERY plentiful.

In terms of this release, as I mentioned above, it’s the classic Chicago 1 but with a twist. That twist is the storytelling Jordan Brand is doing with this release. The story behind this model is that this model was “found” in the back room of an old corner shop (what Nike did to corner shops in the name of their direct-to-consumer business, we can for another Tag cancel efforts of recent years). As a result, this drop will contain several items that can be added to the story. Straight out of the box is… the box. The box will contain a mismatched orange top with the classic black and red bottom of the Jordan 1. A yellow “Sale” sticker with a price of $64.99 is attached to the box. Inside the box, the story continues with a “handwritten” grocery store sales slip, and instead of tissue paper, there appear to be old newspaper circulars promoting the Air Jordan 1.

Then we come to the shoe itself. The most notable nod to the story this version tells is the cracked leather accents – white on the toe, black on the back. The midsole will be an aged sail color and the red outsole will also be slightly discolored, further reinforcing the story that this is an OG pair found in the back of a shop. It should be noted that the red panels and black Swoosh appear to be unaged. From a distance these will likely look like any other Air Jordan 1 Chicago, but up close these new story details help set them apart.

For me, this is a simple sneaker of the year. Forget the collabs – some of which were great and which I own – and the other retros. this is the one we’ve been waiting for. Demand will be great, but let’s hope anyone who wants a pair can get a pair. Good luck to those looking to pick up a pair!

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Air Jordan 1 “Lost and Found” release details.