UNC College of Charleston Postgame Quotes

NC College Of Charleston Postgame Quotes
Friday 11 November 2022
UNC 102, CoofC 86

Hubert Davis:

– “I liked the reaction of our boys in the second half. One of the things we talked about a lot at half-time was me telling them there was nowhere to go. There is no exit, there isn’t Stairs, there is no door You will have to stay inside and you will have to compete.
– “You know, if you look at Caleb’s stat line, he got to the free throw line and led the team in assists. And that’s it caleb love you can do that every night. I have the feeling that he also reacted defensively in the second half. His man didn’t score easily, there was resistance, he competed. And so in the second half I was very proud of Caleb, his reaction from both ends of the floor.”
– “I always think that we are being stolen [and] We’re really good at transition, one of the things we do is get steals. We have all five guys in the sprint and we have great distance and balance. We have guys who can throw threes and switch, but who can also attack the basket. So if we’re able to steal the ball and also bounce it off, we feel in a good position to transition from an offensive point of view.
[On being impressed with Seth Trimble’s play]: “That doesn’t surprise me at all. That’s something he can do. He has tremendous athleticism and speed, I think he can be one of the best ball defenders in the country. He is gifted. One of his gifts and talents “Being able to hit several guys hard, especially when dribbling. I thought he was interfering with the guy bringing the ball up because he could get them to keep running their offense. And that allowed us to make steals, deflections and misses I’m so proud of Seth I thought he played amazing when he was in the game and I’m so glad he’s here.
[On how he would characterize where the team is]: It’s November? It’s November. And you know, one of the things I learned in my sophomore year is that every team is different. It doesn’t matter if 14 of the 17 guys return, this is this year’s team. And so there is growth and maturity for our team that just has to happen. I spoke to the team yesterday and one of the things I felt about them and I just didn’t feel any nervousness but maybe a little bit of a load from both expectations. And I’ve tried to get them to understand that while those expectations are noise, they don’t mean anything. And I felt like with every piece they were trying to make it look like what we looked like in April. And that’s just not possible. That just can’t happen. This is this year’s team. So let’s just be determined to show up at practice every day. Let’s prepare, see how good we can get and at the end of the day live with the results.

RJ Davis:

– “The College of Charleston is a good team. They gave us a good run last year and this year. The way they come out in the transition area and the way they hit the boards is physical. I feel that we need that for the rest of the season as a test of our strength and to put us in the position we need to be.”
– “The way we dialed in and the way we played as a team on both ends of the floor, defensively and offensively, that’s Carolina basketball right there. The way we come out in the transition, the way and way we share the ball, find the open guy for a great shot, we need that all year round.”

caleb love:

– “[Coach Davis] told us we were soft and we felt they got whatever they wanted; Drives and Three Pointers, they got everything they wanted and they bullied us at both ends of the floor. So he said we were soft and we had to change it.”
– “Yeah, that was unacceptable for him to get those face-off points and the coach [Davis] told me I was soft and I had to change it in the second half. I took it personally to do that.”
– “We just took control of the game. We put our foot down on both ends of the floor and we just kept putting our foot on their neck and we never let up.”

Tasty black:

– “It was not nice. [Coach Davis] let us know how we looked out there. We were beaten in every aspect of the game and he let us know that.”
– “You know, it’s been a while. Like I said, we’re not going to look like the team that played in the Final Four. It’s a process. Everyone forgets what we looked like last year at the beginning of the year. It’s a process, but I’m glad we got the dub.”
– “It was literally everything. You know they just got on the paint, they were right under the goal, he took one behind his head. He was just taking a stand, he was tough. We just have to come back.”
– “I’m just trying to stay aggressive, just trying to swing first. Just like a team that tries to swing defensively first and in everything we do, I’ve improved my offensive game by… just tried to swing first, be physical and try to get yourself easy to go in.”