“Safer, Stronger, and Healthier”: Orange County Trio Wins Dogwood Award

A trio of local residents received national recognition this week for their efforts to promote women’s health and fairness and justice in the criminal justice system.

Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall, Orange County Medical Director Erica Pettigrew, and UNC Health’s Jenny Anand were among 38 North Carolinans who received the 2022 Dogwood Award from North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein.

The Dogwood Awards are presented each year by the Attorney General’s Office to “honor North Carolinians who help make their communities safer, stronger and healthier.”

Read the full statements about Woodall, Pettigrew and Anand.

Jim Woodall is a District Attorney for Orange and Chatham Counties; He also serves with Stein on the Governor’s Task Force on Racial Equality in the Criminal Justice System. “For the past two years, I’ve worked closely with District Attorney Woodall,” Stein said. “I witnessed firsthand his commitment to finding solutions that protect our communities and create a more just and equitable criminal justice system. He has been bringing this attitude to his work as a public prosecutor for a long time.”

In addition to her service as Orange County Medical Director, Dr. Erica Pettigrew Physician at UNC Family Medicine; She was also a strong advocate for reproductive rights. “DR. Pettigrew helps ensure women in our state receive the medical care they need and can make the medical decisions that are best for them — as is their right,” Stein said. “She is one tireless advocate for women’s reproductive health and freedom. Unfortunately, her work is more important than ever.”

Jenny Anand is a Sexual Assault Investigator (SANE) at UNC Health; She was recognized along with two other SANEs, InterAct’s Lauren Schwartz and Duke Health’s Katherine Ariano. Together, Stein says, Anand, Ariano, and Schwartz led an initiative “to train sex offender examiners in our state,” which required dozens of hours of volunteer work in addition to their regular work.

“Thanks to their hard work, there are 38 newly trained SANEs in North Carolina,” Stein said. “Our criminal justice system will benefit from better evidence gathering, and victims of sexual assault will receive the trauma-informed care they need.”

Visit this link to view the full list of 38 recipients of the 2022 Dogwood Awards statewide.

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