Josh Downs lands for 11 catches, 154 yards and three touchdowns against Wake Forest

Wide receiver from North Carolina Josh Downs continues to produce on a large scale for the Tar Heels. Downs caught 11 balls for 154 yards and three touchdowns in Saturday’s 36-34 win over Wake Forest. It continued a phenomenal junior season for the Georgia native.

In the last four games, Downs has 46 catches for 548 and six touchdowns. He leads the ACC in catches and touchdown catches. Downs also missed two games (Appalachian State and Georgia State) early in the season. It’s another All-ACC season for Downs, who has a chance to go down as the all-time best UNC wide receiver. Check out the highlights from Downs vs. Wake Forest below:

The connection between Drake Maye and Josh Downs is something special.

“It’s the same old, same old. It’s every week,” Maye said after the game. “I mean, you keep asking what’s going on with me and Josh. we have a connection He’s a great player and my job is to get the ball when it’s open and it’s open a lot,” Maye said. “He has a knack for being open. He will play on Sundays and whoever gets him will be lucky to have him. I’m glad to be his quarterback and he makes my job easier.”

Downs added: “Every time I compete and I know it’s man to man, I feel like I can’t let this guy be any better than me. Coach Longo calls a game for me, I have to do my best to get it open.”

Downs is excited to see what this North Carolina team has in store.

“This is just the beginning,” Downs said. “We have a great future ahead of us. We have Georgia Tech, NC State and Clemson. I can finally say we have Clemson now… it was good to have the trophy in my hands but I want the ACC trophy in my hands next.”

A big story for this UNC team is turning the script from 0-6 on the road last year to 6-0 this year.

“6-0 on the road. It’s crazy,” Downs said. “It’s crazy that we had six nail biters and came out on top in all of them. But it’s proof that we’re ending games, ending workouts and guys holding each other accountable.”

Offense continues to click every game. Much of that can be attributed to Maye as quarterback and Downs as wide receiver. It’s a tough combination to beat.

“We believe in each other. I feel like being at quarterback with Drake, I don’t think we’re ever going to lose. I really had no doubt that we were going to lose that game. When Cam came, we would win that election.”

Josh Downs in the last four games:

– vs. Wake Forest: 11 catches, 154 yards, three touchdowns

– against Virginia 15 catches, 166 yards, one touchdown

– against Pitt: 11 catches, 102 yards, two touchdowns

– vs. Duke: 9 catches, 126 yards.