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Column: Chilton County Speaks Out, Support Is Heard

Published 12:43 p.m. Friday 11 November 2022

By Carey Reeder | Staff writer

This week in Chilton County has been a massive week for many reasons. Election Day, Nov. 8, was the important date that campaigns across the county had been working towards since the spring. Being from near Charlotte, North Carolina, election days seemed to come and go without much dialogue about it compared to Chilton County election day.

I feel like election days are a more important time in Chilton County and all counties in states with smaller communities than anywhere in North Carolina where I’m from. It’s a chance for their voices to be heard, and I believe that in these smaller towns and cities, going to the ballot box to choose the leadership they deal with on a daily basis means more. While voting everywhere is important, there seems to be more of a connection to the residents and their votes and the officials who elect them in local races like the ones here in Chilton County.

The week ended with Veterans Day on November 11th, and that’s always a special time for everyone in the United States. However, there are some differences between my experience of Veterans Day in North Carolina and what I observed in Chilton County this week.

There have been a variety of ways businesses and cities have honored veterans in North Carolina, but not to the extent that Chilton County has done this year. It seemed like every school, from elementary through high school, had a Veterans Day program honoring veterans in their school and across the county. Senior Connection hosted an event honoring veterans, and the Chilton County Commission showcased their support for veterans by participating in Operation Green Light for Veterans. Operation Green Light is a nationwide event during the week where businesses, residents and executives and officials green light their porches or storefronts. The operation allows veterans to know they are seen, valued and supported, the commission’s press release said.

Sport is my heart and passion, but I got involved in local politics and politics and learned a lot in the 10 months I’ve been covering these beats. One thing I’ve learned is that Chilton County residents care deeply about their local government and the support for veterans in their communities. It speaks volumes for a community, and I’m grateful to work in a place that has that kind of passion for things that really matter.