Ways to stay active indoors in Colorado Springs during the winter months

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) – As the weather gets colder, there are fewer opportunities to get outside and stay active. But of course it is important for your health to exercise. Although you might just want to stay indoors where it’s warm.

Adults and children who are less sedentary and engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity reap many health benefits. Such as improving brain health, weight management, reducing the risk of heart disease, strengthening bones and muscles, improving sleep, and reducing anxiety and depression. Among many others.

There are many ways to stay physically active indoors in southern Colorado over the next few months.

There are a variety of community centers operated by the City of Colorado Springs such as B. Hillside, which have indoor basketball courts and fitness classes that are open to the public Monday through Friday.

Bowling is another fun option to do in a group with a variety of locations in the Pikes Peak region. As well as yoga classes.

The YMCA has a heated indoor pool that is open every day for those who enjoy swimming. With a variety of membership options.

The Colorado Springs Paralympic Museum also offers a variety of activities to keep you moving, like stationary skiing and an indoor track.

“We have our interactive gallery and not only kids love it, adults love it too,” said Tommy Shield, senior director of communications and marketing for the US Olympic and Paralympic Museum. “Race with your favorite athlete or try your hand at archery. They can run down the track and try to compete against their favorite athlete.”

A brand new option is an indoor bike skills facility called The Station, which opened just last weekend.

“We just want people to be active,” said Connor Bestwick, owner of Gnarly B’s Bikes. “You can do up to 45 jumps in 90 minutes. It’s impossible not to burn calories. The act of pumping into a ramp is a full body exercise. I’ve never dirt jumped in my life until in here. It’s incredible.”

The new facility, opened by the owner of Gnarly B’s Bike Shop, features bag jumps for bikers to learn or practice their tricks.

“With an airbag you really can’t learn from anything in an extremely safe environment, or you can be a pro who doesn’t want to stop training during the winter months to perfect and hone your skills and then head into the winter to go in the summer months,” Bestwick said.

Another unique indoor attraction is Skyzone. It is an indoor gym in the city for all ages where people can play dodgeball, basketball or jump on a variety of trampolines.

“It’s really important that everyone stays active these winter months,” said Skyzone events coordinator Tatianna Semeatu. “Even though it’s cold and everyone wants to snuggle up at home, it’s important that we try to get outside when it comes to these indoor activities. You can still have fun and bring your kids. There are many health benefits for your heart from just being outside and doing something.”