LETTERS: A Serious Water Shortage | opinion

A serious water shortage

Reading the article on the annexation of the Amara, written by Mary Shinn, in Thursday’s Gazette, I find myself even more disgusted with our councillor. They have proposed a rule dictating that the city requires 130% of the water needed for current and planned annexations. I think that’s a good rule. However, as they discuss annexing the Amara development of 3,200 acres to build up to 9,500 homes, water becomes an issue.

The city of Fountain was reasonable and rejected Amara for lack of water.

The article mentioned states that a 130% rule would prevent the annexation of the Amara estate, which is surrounded on three sides by Fountain. It continues, “Several City Council members have expressed an interest in revising the rule.” Isn’t it like some members of our City Council to change a great water usage control rule to one that now suits their desire to annex another property , on which these 9,500 houses will eventually be built .

It appears that City Council members are unaware or are refusing to accept the fact that this entire state, as well as others, faces serious water shortages.

Please, councillors, put on your grown-up trousers and make decisions that are good for the existing citizens of the city of Colorado Springs.

Willy Alexander

Colorado Springs

inheritance not entirely lost

In her November 10 letter, Eve Tilley cited the loss of some of our local heritage buildings, including the Burns Opera House/Chief Theatre. Yes, sadly this classic gem is gone – but part of it survived and became a well-known feature of another historic building – the City Auditorium.

I am referring to the Wurlitzer Pipe Organ which Dave Weesner and other theater organ enthusiasts painstakingly dismantled from the Burns and reinstalled in the City Auditorium (see http://ppatos.com/category/theatre-organs/). Thank you, members of the Pikes Peak Area Theater Organ Society.

JE Strub

Colorado Springs

Thank you voters

Thank you to all of you who I probably don’t know but who voted for me for Senate District 11 in the last election.

I don’t know what better way to reach you than through this paper. I intend to continue to: (1) work for a better education system, (2) respect citizens so that they can and will expect to be responsible for themselves and the lives of their families, and (3) for to work less government.

Finally, I want to congratulate Tony Exum, who won Senate District 11 and never treated me with anything but respect.

Daryl Kuiper

Colorado Springs

The election is over

The election is over and Colorado is as blue as a clear sky as far as the eye can see and the red wave turned out to be no more than a slight ripple, but some very significant results were in that ripple.

We have the same “taxes and expenses”, oops, I mean fees and expenses in the state legislature. And, of course, the “Fees and Expenses” Governor is ready to sign off on any new expense bills or fee-generating regulations that come across his desk. The same group will continue to coddle the car thieves and drug dealers as in the past. We cannot put these poor criminals in jail for rehabilitation, we can put them back on the streets and hope that they will be rehabilitated there.

We’re also sending our “do nothing” senator back to Washington. I can only think of two things he can do, one I can’t mention in this letter, the other is picking up his paycheck. I believe with him and our other senator doing nothing, the chances of Space Force Command remaining in Colorado Springs are slim to non-existent.

Both are no Joe Manchin who knows how to get what he wants for the people of West Virginia.

The count isn’t over yet, but if Lauren Boebert loses her seat in the House of Representatives, who will stand up against AOC and their mad squad? She is the only one who has taken on them in the past. It seems to me that people in the district are afraid of electing a strong woman.

The good news: Donald Trump isn’t as good at picking GOP winners as he’d hoped. He’s lost several of his picks in state races and hopefully he’ll lose some of his appeal. In contrast, Ron De Santos won big in Florida.

John Fröhle

Colorado Springs

Show seniors that they matter

Garden Ranch Y has been closed for around three years. Why not reopen? A lot of seniors liked that. There is no other Y around.

The Briargate Y is too far away, especially for many seniors, and we were told that the Briargate is too small for the number of participants.

The Briargate area has developed with many apartment buildings and houses. Please give the seniors a break. Show us that Colorado Springs values ​​seniors and they will not be forgotten.

Barbara Mueller

Colorado Springs