Lauren Boebert clings to the narrow lead as the Colorado race heads for a recount


The race between Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert and Democratic challenger Adam Frisch in Colorado’s 3rd congressional district appears to be headed for a recount, but it will likely take a few weeks to get started.

On Friday morning, with nearly all the votes, Boebert Frisch leads by just 551 votes in a district considered safe. In Colorado, any race decided by a 0.5% or less difference in the votes of the first-place finisher is automatically recounted. The current lead of 551 votes is about 0.34% of Boebert’s 163,758 votes.

All but one of the counties in the Western Slope County have completed voting, according to information released by the Colorado Secretary of State’s office.

Under Colorado law, counties have until November 29 to conduct a risk-limiting audit that compares a small number of ballots to recorded votes, and then until November 30 to confirm their final results.

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold has until December 5 to confirm the election and order any mandatory recounts. These recounts must be completed by December 13th.

Boebert’s close race for a seat that became more Republican after the reallocation — former President Donald Trump would have led him by 8 points in 2020 — has surprised many political observers. Fresh, a local businessman and former Aspen City Councilman, made the election a referendum on the hard-line Washington lawmaker’s contested tenure. Throughout the race, his campaign revolved around a follower named “Beat Boebert Buggy” and his Twitter bio describes Frisch as a “contestant to defeat Lauren Boebert”.

Boebert hinted to CNN last week that a lack of voter enthusiasm for her party’s candidates for governor and US Senate has meant their race was much closer than expected.

She noted that Gov. Jared Polis and Senator Michael Bennet, both Democrats, are running for re-election.

“I think Polis and Bennet definitely carried the ticket for the Democratic Party,” she told CNN.

“I don’t know if there wasn’t enough enthusiasm for our top ticket candidates for governor and senate or what happened there. But there was a lot of vote shifting there,” she said, before adding, “Obviously I expect to win.”

Boebert was a political newcomer in 2020 when she upset Rep. Scott Tipton in a GOP primary. She found significant support in Colorado by positioning herself as a close Trump ally. However, her bombastic political style was controversial in Washington. Earlier this year, she screamed during President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address when he spoke about support for US veterans, and in 2021 her baseless allegation that Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar was a terrorist made national headlines . Boebert later apologized to “everyone in the Muslim community that I have offended.”

Boebert’s race is among a handful of house competitions not called by CNN as of Friday morning. Other unconvened races include several contests in California and the race for Alaska’s At-Large District, which is likely to be decided next week by the state’s new ranked voting system.