Colorado’s longest cave is also one of the largest in the country

Colorado is home to some pretty impressive cave systems. Did you know that in Colorado approx 600 caves in total? Some are designed for beginners, while others are elaborate tunnel labyrinths that dig deep into the earth.

Did you know that the longest cave in Colorado is not far from Grand Junction? Discovered in 1968, Colorado’s Groaning Cave is a gigantic system that stretches for miles underground and is still being surveyed today.

Groaning Cave is Colorado’s largest

At almost 15 miles Among the tunnels surveyed, Groaning Cave is the largest/longest in the state of Colorado. Since this cave is still being surveyed, it may be that this system is even longer and larger than initially assumed. The Groaning Cave is full of domes, caverns and multiple narrow passages that require you to crawl. Keep scrolling to see photos from inside the cave.

Groaning Cave – where is it?

Groaning Cave is located in the White River National Forest in Garfield County. The cave itself is known as documented hibernaculum and swarming area for bats so you can meet bats sleeping in the cave. Permits to explore Groaning Cave are only issued from mid-April to mid-August. The road to the cave is unmaintained and normally not accessible until after Memorial Day.

How do I get a permit to visit Groaning Cave?

As you might imagine, exploring the longest cave in Colorado is not for beginners. Entering the cave requires some work. They require a permit from White River National Forest and then a disclaimer from the National Speleological Society’s Colorado Cave Survey. The biggest challenge is navigating the cave. So expect to answer a few questions about your experience when applying for a permit. Once the paperwork is done you will be given the combination lock for the gate and entrance of the cave and you can go inside.

Colorado’s longest cave is also one of the largest in the country

Check out Colorado’s largest and longest cave – Groaning Cave. Discovered in 1968, this cave system spans 15 miles of surveyed tunnels. Only experienced cavers are permitted to explore this wonder in Colorado’s White River National Forest.

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