Colorado Tennessee Quotes – University of Colorado Athletics

Colorado head coach Tad Boyle

opening statement

“First, I just have to let people know how much respect I have for Tennessee and Rick Barnes and the program that he has and that he has put together here. We caught them on a night where they probably weren’t at their best and missed some really candid looks, but we, you know, we did too, but I have such respect for him as a coach and what he’s made of his career did and what he did with this Tennessee program. I was here 24 years ago so I know what a special place it is. But you know, today was about Colorado. And that guy on my left was awesome. I mean, KJ, I thought I really took the game into my own hands and controlled the pace. Struck a good balance between attack mode because you don’t want to start milking the clock too soon. You want to stay in attack mode but still find the balance between using the clock and attacking. The way he recovered I mean the 23 points will have other nights like this for sure. But the 10 rebounds were fantastic. And we’ve had some I think incredible defensive efforts from different guys like Jalen Gabbidon, the work he’s done at Vescovi, he’s a damn good player. KJ did a great job with Zeigler who is quick and fast. We had really good contributions from the bench. That’s why I’m really proud of our boys.”

About changing the starting line-up

“I was just talking to KJ and Tristan in the hallway and told them they knew I was probably doing it after yesterday’s practice and probably didn’t like it much. But I just felt like we need to send a message to the guys starting the game that they have a responsibility to bring energy and be ready. And because we have high quality in this team, it was also a message to the guys on the bench that hey, you better be ready. And I was like, these guys that started the game, I mean, gosh, at the media timeout, it was right there. And you know Javon Ruffin is a freshman to kick him out for his first career start. He reacted. He struggled a bit early but then he came back and showed struggle. So once again we have a 10 player rotation, which is hard to play with 10 players on any given night. Tonight we had a lot of bad issues which made it a little bit easier but I thought it was a message I sent both these guys starting the game and the guys sitting on the bench that we are all equally important. And we have to be ready to leave every time we step onto the floor because we weren’t there on Friday night and you know I know anybody who has seen that game knows that. But really proud of how they reacted.”

About the Limit by Santiago Vescovi of Tennessee

“Well, yeah, I think the key for Tennessee, I think, is that you have to get through the screens. They put up such good screens; Down screens, flare screens. We have worked on this in practice. Yesterday. We worked on it before we left Boulder because we knew we were going to see it and these guys did a great job getting through the screens for the most part and even you know, look late, they did hit a few threesomes. They know they have some really good shooters on this team, but you need to be picked on when you’re not on the ball. But Tennessee, you know a lot, a lot of teams, it’s about their on-ball screens, Tennessee is about their off-ball screens, and I thought our guys did a great job. From KJ to Ethan to Jalen to Julian, all our perimeter boys, Nique Clifford. I mean Nique was hampered by nasty issues tonight, it wasn’t his night, we’re going to need everyone on this team as we move towards this season.”

On Grambling State’s defensive turn
“Well I think it speaks to the character of our boys. I mean they are competitors. I mean, this guy, I mean, KJ is as good as any of the competitors we’ve ever had in this program, and we’ve had some good ones, you know, so they had a bad taste in their mouths and, and just like all of us , but they reacted, and that’s what you want to see from your team and your players, how they react to challenges you throw at them. Whether verbal or non-verbal or in a constellation, shake up or whatever the case may be. But we have people that I love about our team, they really support each other and really care about each other. So, like KJ said, you know the guys that we usually start support the guys that started tonight and we need to get a really good group of young guys into our program and they care and they have a good one character.”

Colorado player

KJ Simpson, So., G

On swing after half

“We just want to focus on bringing out even more energy in the second half than the first which we knew was going to come out and try to put in a good swing. Get the crowd more, you know, pick up on their energy, bolster their defense, and we just really, really wanted to dial in and focus on coming out of it even better than the first time.”

On Lineup Shake Up

“Oh yeah, I’m a competitive guy. So yeah, definitely, but I knew what he was doing. I knew, you know, the strategy behind it, and I just, you know, got the guys together that don’t usually start and you just said to him, basically, ‘What the coach is trying to do and how we’re going to do that have to react”. up against a really, really good team like Tennessee and we even talked to you, you know, the guys that started, you know, we have all that faith in you. We were a really deep team. So we just sort of pushed them to beat themselves, just play hard and they’ll just come in and follow their energy and build right away and we certainly did.

Heading to Myrtle Beach with momentum

“Yes! Sure. Definitely with a lot of momentum, a lot of energy, but the thing is, we can’t just limit ourselves to that point. I mean, just be hotheaded when you know it’s a great win against a great team but there’s a lot more games just a lot left until the season you know they have to be played hush we have to go to myrtle beach and play against a strong team so we just have to focus on that to keep that energy going and really, really tune into what we’re playing and stay level-headed.”