Canadian cold is preparing for an extended stay in Colorado

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) — The cold gripping the Western Slope is in no hurry to get out. There will be some small ups and downs in our temperatures, but even the ups don’t offer significant warming.

Stay warm effectively and safely

Remember that wearing multiple warm layers of clothing with a thick winter coat is the best way to stay warm. It’s much more effective than just a thick coat, especially if you have to spend long periods in the cold. Also, be extra careful when using space heaters. They need at least one meter of space all around, including behind them. Space heaters are one of the main causes of home fires during the cold season.

Our next 24 hours

This evening will be clear and cool. Sunset is at 5:01 p.m. Last light is at 5:28 p.m. We will cool down from mid 30’s around 6pm to almost 30 degrees around 8pm. The rest of tonight will be clear and cold. The low temperatures are 18 degrees around Grand Junction, 12 degrees around Montrose, 14 degrees around Delta and 10 degrees around Cortez. Wednesday will be sunny and cool. After the day starts in the teens, we’ll warm up in the afternoon in the 30s. The high temperatures are 39 degrees around Grand Junction, 35 degrees around Montrose, 39 degrees around Delta and 42 degrees around Cortez.

Warming… Eventually

Long term forecast trends beyond the 7 day forecast show a strong preference for prolonged cold in the 6 to 10 day range. In other words, we’re likely to stay cold until at least November 25th. Then a change occurs that favors above-average temperatures as November draws to a close. Normal is defined as the average over the past thirty years: 52 degrees for the high and 28 degrees for the low in Grand Junction on November 15th. Keep in mind that normal will change over time, ranging from 3 to 5 degrees lower by the time we reach our 6-10 day period and 5-8 degrees lower in the 8-14 day perspective.

Our next weathermaker

What about rain and snow? We could use some moisture. Nothing looks promising until next Tuesday. Strong north-south wind currents from Canada to Colorado keep things dry, even with several small disturbances embedded in that current. A west-east pacific current would offer a better chance of moisture. That could become a player next week. We are already seeing signs of increasing humidity in the air which should lead to more cloud by next Monday and especially Tuesday. There is a signal for some rain in the forecast data until next Wednesday. This signal isn’t strong, but it’s the closest chance we have to getting some moisture.