49ers Notebook: DeMeco Ryans, Vampire Repeller; Colorado Trip Testing Strength; Foerster, Williams on flip games; Mooney is still missing

The San Francisco 49ers continue to train at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. They moved Friday’s session, the second of three this week, indoors. The weather forced the change. It snowed overnight leaving the outfields in less than ideal conditions.

On Thursday, head coach Kyle Shanahan said the cold temperatures would not force the team indoors. The only thing that would do is snow. As a result, the team trained longer than usual indoors, where it was still cold but players didn’t have to contend with wind or wet surfaces.

The 49ers will hold another practice session on Saturday. On Sunday, the team then travels to Mexico City, where the game against the Arizona Cardinals takes place on Monday evening.

DeMeco Ryans, vampire repeller

DeMeco Ryans tries to stay positive with his players. It’s easy to focus on the flaws when analyzing the film, but the defensive coordinator is trying to take a different approach and explained why on Friday.

“It’s always positive,” Ryans said. “I can easily harp on all the negative things, the games we haven’t made or beating up guys, but that’s not going to allow those guys to come back and be confident and make the games they’re supposed to be making. Well, from me it’s always positive energy. Energy vampires are not allowed. I say to the guys, ‘Always positive energy.’ It’s always optimistic because I want guys when they play, I want guys who are passionate about playing football.

“The football game is fun. I want the guys out there to have fun, fly around, and most importantly, our guys need to be confident. They’re confident, when the energy is high, everyone’s smiling, everyone’s having fun. When we’re there When it comes to making games, that enthusiasm is going to be high, the energy is going to be high, and then turnovers happen, then big hits come…then big plays start, when everyone’s just bought in and playing for each other.”

Colorado trip testing strength

The 49ers traveled to Colorado Springs to acclimate to the altitude. However, the team did not anticipate the cold weather when planning the summer trip. It turns out that the weather, not just the altitude, has been testing players the most. While Ryans has tried to keep things positive, conditions have been challenging. Defensive end Nick Bosa hasn’t bothered the trip but admits getting positive vibes hasn’t been easy for his Colorado teammates.

“It’s been an interesting journey,” said Bosa. “It definitely tests our strength and ability to stay positive.”

On the plus side, it’s great practice for a possible trip to Philadelphia in January.

Still, players believe the trip will benefit them. They’re acclimating to the altitude, which will give the 49ers an advantage Monday night. Keep in mind that the Cardinals decided to practice in Glendale, Arizona this week before heading to Mexico City.

“[The altitude] will test you a bit,” Garoppolo said. “You can tell the guys are sucking a bit of air but it’s good for us. … I think Nick put it pretty well, so I’ll just leave it at that.

tip plays

On Thursday, Kyle Shanahan was asked about speculation that left tackle Trent Williams’ attitude could overturn plays at the scrimmage line. The coach wasn’t worried.

“It would definitely be a big deal [if true]but I’m not studying your viral videos… or anyone’s,” Shanahan said. “We’re pretty good with Trent.”

On Friday, offensive line/run game coordinator Chris Foerster was asked about the possibility that his experienced All-Pro tackle, which is among the best in the game, could inadvertently help opposing defense.

“We’re always monitoring it to see where it is and he’s always working on it,” Foerster said. “Sometimes it’s just a situation where you start to get into your stance and you realize what you need to do to get your job done requires you to just say, ‘Whatever. I have work to do.’ At other times he can be more aware of it, so it’s a constant battle with each player.

“Any player could give a tip, whether it’s Trent’s foot, whether it’s possible [T] mike [McGlinchey] with this, or whether it is [G] spencer [Burford] with it or the center with it if he wants to catch the ball. We always look at it. We watch the TV copy. We listen to everything. We’re trying to see what the other teams get on it or not.

“If you think it’s a tip again, we’re working on it, Trent is working on it. So that’s all I can say.”

Williams was also quizzed on the topic, which has gone viral on social media this week.

“That’s pretty much nonsense,” Williams said. “If you think about it, if you just think football is as simple as knowing it’s a run or a pass, then reject the knowledge that you have to compete at a high level. Just because you know it is [a] Run doesn’t mean you know what kind of run.

“We just installed 50 runs with six looks [on] every run. I could show you how to run all day. Do you know which one? [of the] 50 runs do we run? There are pieces where we want it to look [a] run and we pass it. And there are games where we want it to look like a pass and we execute it.”

Williams added, “If that was the be-all and end-all, that would be a big deal. But since it isn’t, it’s just a big deal [as] a discussion on social media. This is not a discussion here.”

Mooney’s availability

Charvarius Ward missed his second consecutive practice session. He was gone for personal reasons. However, the cornerback is expected to play Monday night. The team told reporters that Ward would be returning to his teammates on Friday night and attending practice on Saturday.

The San Francisco 49ers are holding their three practice sessions this week at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, about an hour south of Denver, to acclimate to the altitude. On Sunday, the team travels to Mexico City for Monday night’s game against the Arizona Cardinals at the Estadio Azteca. Which quarterback does the 49ers defense face when they enter the field? Nobody is really sure. Both of the Cardinals’ quarterbacks deal with injuries on a daily basis. Kyler Murray is struggling with a hamstring injury that kept him out against the Los Angeles Rams last weekend, while McCoy works on a knee injury he sustained in that game. Both

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans, and offensive line/run game coordinator Chris Foerster spoke to reporters after Thursday’s practice. The team is preparing for their Week 10 matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers. Here’s everything they had to say. Transcript provided by San Francisco 49ers communications staff. QB Jimmy Garoppolo It’s been almost two months since you attended that Seahawks game, and how are you doing with your rhythm and feeling before the injury? “It’s getting there. The shoulder obviously, you’re always trying to do that better and better, strengthen it, be able to do some of the throws that you used to do, so me

On Sunday, head coach Kyle Shanahan had no game injuries to report for the second straight season after the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Los Angeles Chargers 22-16 at Levi’s Stadium. However, he did notice that rookie wide receiver Danny Gray twisted his ankle during the pregame warm-up. Shanahan spoke to reporters on a conference call Monday. No new injuries surfaced after the game. The manager added that Gray is on the mend, which is good news for the young wideout. Arik Armstead update Arik Armstead has missed six games this season, including the last five. Does the manager expect his veteran defender to return from foot and ankle injuries on Monday night? “He has a chance,” Shanahan

The San Francisco 49ers fired practice team quarterback Kurt Benkert ahead of the team’s trip to Colorado. The player delivered the message himself this morning. “I really enjoyed this stay in Santa Clara,” wrote Benkert. I got fired from the 49ers. I really enjoyed this stay in Santa Clara. The trip goes on. ❤️— Kurt Benkert (@KurtBenkert) November 15