Take your WFH office to the mountains with these luxury micro cabins in California

If you’re looking to reconnect with nature and are serious about improving your work-from-home experience, this LA start-up is for you.

Find Sanctuary is preparing to open its micro-cabin property two hours outside of Los Angeles for guests wanting to combine modern living with the great outdoors. A quiet sanctuary from sensory overload, the sites cater to city dwellers, telecommuters, or those who simply feel exhausted from the same daily routine. True to its name, the brand follows a “nature first” philosophy that allows you to leave the city life behind and work in peace in the fresh air.

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The transformative location will open for reservations next year and will feature a total of 40 staterooms with rates starting at $400 per night. Each wooden residence is designed to allow you to work in generous isolation. Accommodations include a California king-size bed, a fireplace, and a meditation rock to clear your head. The property also offers high-speed WiFi, so you can still meet your deadlines even when communicating with the land. And to properly embrace all that nature has to offer, you can soak in the outdoor deep soaking tub with panoramic views of the nearby mountains and countryside.

find sanctuary

The entrance sign for the Find Sanctuary estate.

For any organizations looking for places to host team retreats, you’re in luck too: Find Sanctuary can connect with businesses to create their own nature-centric office space for up to 10 people. The brand’s goal is to eventually launch an innovative “work-from-the-wood” employee incentive that aims to help companies empower remote workers logging hours from cubicles, offering a “paid time advantage” the overall well-being of a team. The startup also hopes to expand its reach with future locations in New York City and San Francisco.

“After working in urban startups for several years, I experienced the debilitating side effects that often accompany the modern way of life,” says Charlie Hammond, founder and CEO of Find Sanctuary, in a statement. “Find Sanctuary was born out of necessity and acted as a complementary tool to help me manage my own mental health struggles. Our cabins are an island of modern living, offering luxury suitable for both work and play, and allowing guests a holistic approach to nature to avoid the crisis altogether.”

Over 60 companies have already registered for the retreat’s waiting list. Find Sanctuary is currently beta testing a program in a pilot’s cabin to learn more about how its experience affects stress levels. Once these results are in, the brand will start accepting reservations from 2023.

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