Meyerside chats: Evan Meyer and California Senator Scott Wiener

Evan Meyer greets California Senator Scott Wiener on this episode of Meyerside Chats.

Recorded October 7, 2022

Senator Scott Wiener was elected in November 2016 and re-elected in 2020 and represents District 11 in the California Senate. District 11 includes all of San Francisco, Broadmoor, Colma and Daly City, and portions of South San Francisco.


State of politics, extreme polarization, difference between Fed and government | 1:00

Clarity on the SB107 and Subgender | 5:00 a.m

California vs. other states age for minor decisions | 7:00 a.m

Legalization, legislation, complexity vs. simplicity. | 12:00 p.m

Why there is opposition to many of the pro-trans bills | 15:00

Democrats vs. Republican Policies | 20:00

Homelessness and prioritizing approaches. | 25:00

Meyerside Chats seeks to eliminate the “us and them” narratives and toxic polarization by striving to create virtuous community leadership and authentic conversation. The intention is to demonstrate the humanity of those who take on the often thankless tasks of public service, through civil discourse and the appreciation of different viewpoints.

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In the Senate, Senator Wiener is committed to making housing more plentiful and affordable, investing in our transportation systems, improving access to healthcare, meaningfully addressing climate change and the effects of wildfires, reforming our criminal justice system, reducing gun violence and California’s high… Reducing poverty Protecting and expanding the rights of all communities, including immigrants and the LGBTQ community.

Senator Wiener drafted 65 bills that were signed. Among them are SB 35, a landmark housing approval expediting law that has led to thousands of new affordable housing projects in San Francisco; SB 10, which provides a powerful tool for local governments to zone more housing faster; SB 886, which will streamline and expedite college housing production statewide; SB 855, which makes California the nation’s leader in mental health and addiction treatment by requiring insurance companies to cover all medically necessary treatments; SB 822, which enacts the strongest net neutrality protections in the nation; SB 1045 and SB 40, which expand and strengthen California conservation laws to serve people living on our streets with serious mental health and substance use disorders; SB 379, which requires cities to implement immediate permits for solar and energy storage systems; SB 700, the largest clean energy storage investment in California history; SB 923, which modernizes California’s standards for identifying eyewitnesses to ensure innocent people don’t go to jail; SB 136, which reduces mass incarceration by repealing California’s most commonly used sentence expansion; SB 73, which ends mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenses; SB 107, which provides sanctuary for trans children and their families in California to avoid prosecution for seeking or allowing gender-affirming care in states such as Texas and Alabama; SB 219, which protects LGBTQ seniors in long-term care facilities; SB 159, which allows pharmacists to provide PrEP and PEP (powerful HIV prevention drugs) without a doctor’s prescription; and SB 132, which requires prisons to place incarcerated transgender people based on where they are safest (e.g., based on gender identity).