For this California oceanfront home, it’s light, audio and relaxation

The tranquility of a home by the sea is unmatched as an escape. Just the sound and the view of the sea itself can be enough to make someone let go. The only downside is that you have to go inside to attend to other things, but the owners of this smart coastal home in La Jolla, California obviously had the same thing in mind when they outfitted their abode with numerous outdoor and wellness features.

Originally designed by architectural firm Blue Heron, the residence has always had spa-like aspirations, creating a soothing and healing atmosphere cultivated through expansive vistas, plenty of outdoor spaces, and a plethora of wellness facilities. But it wasn’t until the founding of Audio Impact Inc. (San Diego, California) that it all began to come together in the name of simple serenity.

The team has worked to maximize client connection with the oceanic landscape through a series of discreet but effective wellbeing-focused integrations. All the while they stayed in constant touch with Wardell Builders and Blue Heron to ensure these home design aspirations could be easily balanced to ensure everything came together perfectly for the clients and this project earned a Gold Medal in Health & Wellness for CE Pro’s Home of the Year Awards 2022.

A challenging shade installation pays off in coastal views

Starting with the lights, Audio Impact knew natural and imperceptible would be the way to go for this seaside location. Minimalist DMX lighting was used to blend seamlessly with the rest of the design while being programmed to operate on a circadian schedule. In fact, the entire system is tied to an astronomical clock to ensure maximum accuracy during transitions. Morning and evening, the entire home is bathed in a rich, soothing yellow, aided by Lutron Palladiom motorized blinds.

The shading was one of the biggest challenges of the project. The client also requested that the blinds be invisible when not in use, and that included the blinds that cover the home’s massive floor-to-ceiling windows in the master bedroom and beyond. This posed an even greater challenge when one of the corners of the house was made entirely of glass for a beautiful view of the beach.

The interior of the house by the sea with a view of the beach and at the same time the concealed cassettes for the motorized shading systems.
Pure, uninterrupted views were a must for clients, which created a challenge for Audio Impact but ultimately paid off in the landscape.

Working with Blue Heron, Audio Impact adjusted the house’s joints to accommodate the bag size, while custom-made brackets were made to help with the corner blinds. This ensured complete coverage when the blinds were drawn in the master bedroom, preventing even a glimmer of unwanted light from entering.

Overall, the construction team’s extra efforts helped create breathtaking vistas that accentuate the feel of the beach while providing clients with an uninterrupted line of sight to blend in with the landscape of their oceanfront home.

Audio emanating from Origin Acoustics and James Loudspeaker speakers provides an additional level of immersion. The relaxing tones drifting through the coastal home drop to a barely audible silence in the meditation room, while other intelligent elements only add to the client’s wellness experience. The yoga room, for example, features a waterfall controlled by a Crestron remote.

Outside, there are even more amenities in the form of a hot tub and four TVs spread across the oceanfront home’s rooftop deck, where clients have endless opportunities to relax and engage with nature.