California’s decathletes visit Madera for Lecture Day

For The Madera Tribune

Madera South Team: Ashley Banuelos, Justin Caballero, Angelica Cervantes, Josselyn Chavez, David Contreras, Rosabelle Flores, Ashley Garcia, Alberto Garnica-Navarro, Jessica Giron, Pablo Giron, Norma Gomez, Elvia Guadalupe-Lopez, Marisa Guevara, Aiden Lamerson, Brooklyn Lopez, Esmeralda Marquez, Brian Ordaz, Jesus Ortiz Ramos, Catherine Ortiz-Moreno, Brenda Perez-Navarro, Itzela Pozos, Abigail Reyes, Monse Reyes, Evelyn Santiago, Aida Vasquez, Azucena Velasco, Justin Villa, Wendy Zarate. Coached by Leslie Rouse.

Nearly 300 academic decathletes from across California participated in the 16th Annual Academic Decathlon Lecture Day featuring Madera County high school competitors in Madera.

Valley experts presented presentations on six subject areas related to this year’s Decathlon theme, The American Revolution and the New Nation.

“We were very pleased to be there in person for the first time in three years,” said Dr. Cecilia Massetti, Principal of Madera County. “Lecture Day gives students the opportunity to connect with students from other schools across the state and build their own team together. The presentations allow students to interact with experts, learning not only about the topics but also about the context in which the events took place.”

Decathletes were allowed to take part in four out of six sessions throughout the day. Sessions included: Early American Art, presented by Susana Sosa, Professor at Fresno City College; Literature, Wieland, presented by Tiffiny Remmer, Professor at Madera Community College; Early American Music presented by Cactus Harris, Professor at Clovis Community College; The American Revolution, presented by David Richardson, Professor at Madera Community College; Chemistry presented by Lawrence Samora, Professor at Madera Community College; and speech presented by Dr. Brad Millar, a professor at Madera Community College.

“We are grateful to all speakers who generously share their knowledge, expertise and time with our students,” said Massetti.

The lectures were held at Movies Madera. Each speaker lectured in a theater and students moved in the different theaters. Each professor lectured for at least two 50-minute sessions.

Theater owner Bob Gran donated the theater for the event. The event is sponsored by the Madera County Schools Foundation and the Madera County Superintendent of Schools.

Each session was aligned with the themes and areas of study of the 2023 Academic Decathlon. Students study the Revolutionary War, which encompasses the arts, economics, language and literature, math, music, science, and social sciences of the time.

Eight Madera County schools are participating this year: Chawanakee Academy, Chowchilla Union High School, Glacier High School Charter, Liberty High School, Madera High School, Madera South High School, Matilda Torres High School and Yosemite High School.

The competition will take place on Saturday 4th February 2023.

For information about the Academic Decathlon and how to participate, contact Kristi Winter, Events Coordinator for Madera County Superintendent of Schools at 662-3873.