California New Members 2023 | The hill

Rep. Elect Kevin Mullin (D-Calif.-15)

DATE OF BIRTH: June 15, 1970
RESIDENCE: South San Francisco, California
PROFESSION: Member of the California State Assembly
EDUCATION: BA, University of San Francisco; MPA, San Francisco State University
FAMILY: Wife, Jessica Stanfill Mullin; two children

• Rep. Elect Kevin Mullin (D-Calif.) served in the California State Assembly for nearly a decade before running for the House of Representatives.

He will represent California’s 15th congressional district after defeating fellow Democrat David Canepa in the midterm elections.

Mullin, a fourth-generation resident of San Mateo County, has deep ties to California politics. His father, Gene Mullin, had a long career in local and state politics. Both generations of Mullins served on the South San Francisco City Council, with the elder Mullin serving two terms as mayor as well as the state assembly.

Kevin Mullin served as political director for his father and as district director for Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), whose congressional seat he occupied when she was a senator.

During his time in the congregation, he also served as spokesman pro tempore.

— Joseph Choi

MP Elected Sydney Kamlager (D-Calif.-37)

DATE OF BIRTH: July 20, 1972
LOCATION: View Park, California.
PROFESSION: California State Senator
EDUCATION: BA, University of Southern California; MA, Carnegie Mellon University
FAMILY: Husband, Austin; two stepchildren

• California Senator Sydney Kamlager (D) will represent parts of south and central Los Angeles in California’s 37th congressional district after defeating fellow Democratic candidate Jan Perry.

Both Democrats were able to advance to the general election this November because the Golden State uses a top-two primary system, in which the top two candidates advance in the primary election regardless of party affiliation.

Kamlager will replace Democratic Rep. Karen Bass in the 37th congressional district. Bass, who was running for Los Angeles mayor this election cycle, supported Kamlager. Vice President Harris also supported her.

Kamlager has previously represented a similar portion of Los Angeles in both the California State Assembly and Senate. According to her campaign website, Kamlager plans to focus during her convention on voting rights, reproductive justice and criminal justice reform, among other issues.

— Julia Shapero

Rep. Elect Robert Garcia (D-Calif.-42)

DATE OF BIRTH: December 2, 1977
RESIDENCE: Long Beach, California
PROFESSION: Mayor of Long Beach
EDUCATION: BA, Ed.D., California State University, Long Beach; MA,
University of Southern California
FAMILY: Husband, Matthew Mendez Garcia

• Robert Garcia will represent California’s 42nd congressional district as the first openly gay immigrant elected to Congress and the third openly LGBTQ representative from California.

Garcia, who was born in Lima, Peru and served as Long Beach mayor for eight years, will succeed Rep. Ken Calvert (R), who lost his seat due to a redistribution.

As Mayor of Long Beach, Garcia led the city’s aggressive COVID-19 testing and immunization initiatives that earned his administration national recognition. He lost his mother, a healthcare worker, and stepfather to the virus.

Under Garcia’s leadership, Long Beach became a so-called Sanctuary City in 2018, offering shelter to immigrants. Garcia, who was able to apply for permanent legal residency thanks to immigration reform passed in the 1980s, has pledged to “expand avenues to citizenship for the undocumented and fight to end legal discrimination against the undocumented.”

– Brooke Migdon