California Mobility Works (CMW) welcomes Ronald J. Wilkins to the Board of Directors

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Ronald J Wilkins

California Mobility Works

California Mobility Works

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, Nov. 11, 2022 / — Ronald J. Wilkins, Chairman of CO2Bit Technologies LLC, an international blockchain development team with a philanthropic climate finance initiative contractually backed by dozens of nations worldwide, resigns California with Mobility Works (CMW) as a board member as of October 2022. In addition, Mr. Wilkins is Chairman of Wilkins Solutions (representing more than 13,500 manufacturers with over 4860 technicians in 49 states) USA, Director on the board of Global Digitools LTD, UK; Grandmaster Capital Management, NY; and Ron is also an international tax treaty advisor at Financial Engineering (FE.NET), FL.

“CMW’s electric vehicles are futuristic and practical, more cost-effective and targeting the wider adoption needed for clean and sustainable energy-using transportation. I’m excited and look forward to working with the bright minds at CMW,” said Wilkins.
CMW is honored to have Mr. Wilkins on its Board of Directors and believes he can bring international expertise in several key areas related to clean energy and electric vehicles. “Ron’s experience in electric vehicles, sustainable energy and advanced technologies will be a great asset to CMW,” said CMW Chairman Taira San.

“We look forward to the leadership and mentorship of Mr. Wilkins. Based on my experience in the automotive industry, I am confident that the SagittaTM will be a lucrative vehicle,” noted CMW Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ramesh Konda.

When the first CMW model was presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2021, it attracted many visitors who were impressed by the car’s design and characteristics. Our one-of-a-kind four-passenger three-wheeled SagittaTM wowed the automotive world with its innovative design and engineering excellence, cargo space, range, value and four-passenger capacity.

Given the strong interest in SagittaTM, CMW plans to accelerate the go-to-market plan by expanding current infrastructure, staffing and manufacturing in the Silicon Valley Bay Area.

SagittaTM has started its initial testing and certification process and is expected to complete it by mid-2023. CMW will begin accepting pre-orders through its website with a goal of reaching limited production in mid-2023.

“I am very pleased to have a cross-industry and financial expert like Mr. Wilkins on the CMW board who can guide us from an international market, product, technology and regulatory perspective, which will help us as we bring our electric vehicles to the coming months,” commented Bobby Rekhi, Founder and Executive Vice President.

About California Mobility Works (CMW)
CMW was founded in 2018 to design and manufacture electric vehicles. CMW’s mission is to transform the electric vehicle market by providing best-in-class electric vehicles specifically designed to expand and accelerate the already fast-growing electric vehicle market. CMW’s strategy is to deliver superior value with improved style, performance and safety. CMW will continue to develop new, innovative designs to be at the forefront and lead the EV market in the future. SagittaTM, CMW’s debut and first flagship, will revolutionize the EV market by bringing high-performance EVs to a much broader consumer base.
With self-funded facilities in Milpitas, California, CMW has an experienced team that is highly capable and motivated to achieve a successful launch of SagittaTM and a range of derived products.

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