California just proposed making it harder to add more solar power

Despite the hurricanes that recently devastated communities from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Tampa, Florida, homeowners with solar panels and batteries largely reported no disruptions to their power supply. In southern San Jose, residents have suffered 10 power outages in the past two months.

As California residents and businesses may lead the nation toward a clean energy future, our state regulations are increasing reliance on the same aging and unreliable electrical grid to deliver that energy.

It’s costing taxpayers a fortune.

Californians have watched their electric bills increase at an accelerating rate over the past few decades, even as the cost of generating renewable energy has fallen by 70% over the past decade.

Why? The cost of distributing this electricity has skyrocketed. The pain will only worsen in the coming years as large capital investments in transmission infrastructure, including fighting wildfires and maintaining security, are placed on the backs of tariff payers.

There’s a cheaper, more reliable solution: help Californians generate and store energy locally. “Distributed energy resources” such as rooftop solar and home battery storage reduce the load on the power grid and improve reliability for all users.