California Dental Group buys back Halloween candy to send to troops

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Halloween Candy Buyback Flyer

The Candy Buy Back program is a great way for families to get rid of extra Halloween candy while providing a generous reward for our hard-working troops serving overseas.

California Dental Group in Bellflower, Calif., participated in this year’s Halloween Candy Buy Back Program, which aims to reduce dental decay by buying back Halloween candy and paying participants for every pound of candy collected.

All 115 pounds of Halloween candy that was collected was donated to Move America Forward, which packages the candy in military-grade packages and ships them to the brave men and women serving our country overseas.

“Overall, it is a win-win situation for parents and children. Parents get rid of excess Halloween candy while kids make a profit and make a positive impact on our troops overseas,” said California Dental Group founder Dr. Kamran Sahabi.

The program was very simple. Parents and children brought their leftover Halloween candy to California Dental Group in Bellflower, CA on November 2-4 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

“We put the candy on a scale, weighed it, and paid participants a dollar for every pound of candy collected. In addition to the money they received, attendees also received cupcakes and a bag full of dental goodies,” said Kathia Rodas, Marketing and Public Relations Representative for California Dental Group.

Rodas said with the collected 115 pounds of candy, “We put them in a box and shipped them to Move America Forward.”

As a dentist, founder Dr. Kamran Sahabi encouraged parents to limit their children’s sugar consumption, especially during the holiday season as Halloween is notorious for its sweets.

“Instead of a pound of candy negatively impacting our children’s oral hygiene, we’re making our hard-working troops smile brighter overseas,” said Dr. Kamran Sahabi.

California Dental Group believes strongly in positively impacting the lives of its patients and the community. “We want to give millions of people across the country the smiles they deserve,” said Dr. sahabi

California Dental Group plans to participate in the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program starting this year.

dr Sahabi said it’s always a pleasure to give our troops a little reminder of home while preventing tooth decay as it is the leading cause of tooth loss in children.

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