CHEBOYGAN, MICHIGAN, Nov. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Stone Road, a California-based line of high quality, sustainably grown cannabis products, has announced a partnership with Gamut Cannabis to bring Stone Road’s product line to Michigan in early 2023. This is the fourth launch for the fast-growing brand, which continues to expand into legal jurisdictions in the United States.

A California favourite, Stone Road was founded in 2016 at the age of 23 by New York resident Lex Corwin and is a queer-led, family-run cannabis brand focused on harvesting and distributing the highest quality yet affordable cannabis products. The brand is known for offering its customers access to a lifestyle inspired by organic farming practices and the natural beauty of their California farm. Michigan-based Gamut Cannabis partners with established California and Colorado brands as the preferred supply chain partner for the fast-growing Michigan market.

“As we continue to expand Stone Road across the United States, we are looking for partners who share our belief in quality above all else. Brian, RJ and the rest of the Gamut team share our commitment to high quality, affordable products and we can’t wait to bring our 100% natural products to consumers across Michigan,” – Lex Corwin, Founder and CEO of Steinstrasse

Stone Road, an established and avant-garde cannabis brand currently present in three other legal markets, grows artisanal flowers in small batches using the most sustainable growing methods possible. Using only solar power and regenerative water practices on its Northern California farm, the brand has partnered with other family-owned growers who adhere to the same rigorous sustainability practices to bring Stone Road Pre-Rolls to the Michigan market.

“It’s no surprise that we’ve developed a relationship with one of the best companies in California to offer premium infused pre-rolls at an affordable price. Stone Road was shortlisted and we are very fortunate to be the company they chose to partner with in Michigan. They identify and nurture relationships with Michigan’s most respected legacy cultivators and demonstrate a perfect example of the core business values ​​we seek to embody. Gamut Cannabis is thrilled to welcome Stone Road to Michigan!” — Brian Lange, Co-Founder and CEO of Gamut Cannabis

“Over the past year, we have evaluated potential partners for the Michigan market that align with our core values, ethos and mission. After meeting the Gamut team and touring their network of small family owned farms, it was clear that they would be our ideal partner for Michigan. We are very excited to announce this partnership and grow with the Gamut team.” – Sabrina Wheeler, COO at Stone Road

The launch will feature some of Stone Road’s core products, including their solvent-free hash-infused 1g pre-rolls, as well as their signature 5-pack of 0.7g pre-rolls in their newly designed recyclable cans, the 100% made from old materials. The brand looks forward to bringing their signature blend of high quality products at affordable prices to the Michigan market.


Stone Road is a queer-led, California-based line of high quality, sustainably grown cannabis products for a new age of conscious consumers. All premium, sun-grown Stone Road bud is sourced from their 57-acre off-grid biodynamic farm in Nevada City, California to ensure every joint is strong, pure, and hand-rolled with love. Stone Road rolls only the finest bud, never shaken, filler or distillate sprayed weed. Quality and design are Stone Road’s core principles, and they believe that beauty should not come at an excessive price. This means that all of Stone Road’s cannabis is created to showcase beautiful, minimalist, recyclable packaging and a keen eye for detail without breaking the bank. Stone Road is currently available in California, Massachusetts and Oklahoma.


Gamut Cannabis is a state-licensed cannabis processing and supply chain management company based in Cheboygan, Michigan that manufactures and distributes high-quality cannabis products. Gamut Cannabis works with select Michigan legacy growers and curates a portfolio of well-known out-of-state licensed brand partners to ensure Michigan consumers have access to the most enjoyable and desirable cannabis products for all occasions.

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