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Kathy and Greg on vacation1

Kathy and Greg are on vacation

Blue Shield of California members Kathy and Greg were attending their daughter’s college in Colorado when Greg experienced a medical emergency and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Out of state and away from her regular providers, Kathy called the number on the back of her membership card.

“Blue Shield was fantastic,” said Kathy. “They took care of everything.”

This is just the latest example of the nonprofit health plan’s efforts to provide members with care that is worthy of family and friends and sustainably affordable. This work is recognized as Blue Shield was ranked #2 in California in the 2022 US Commercial Member Health Plan Study by JD Power.

“While it is an honor to receive such high marks, the positive reactions and stories from members were even more meaningful,” said Will Martin-Gill, vice president of product and customer strategy for Blue Shield of California. “Our continued work to provide our members with an exceptional experience is paying off.”

These efforts include providing customer service teams with tools that put member information at their fingertips and reduce overall call time; making it easier for members to manage their benefit plans online; and engaging members to ensure they understand their benefits and plan value.

Kathy and Greg: Vacation turned upside down

Overwhelmed and concerned for her husband, Kathy worked with a Blue Shield representative to quickly select a hospital that met Greg’s needs, allowing Kathy more time to be with him. In the months that followed, Blue Shield representatives dutifully answered Kathy’s questions about surgeries, hospitalizations, approvals, scheduling and billing. Eventually returning home to California, Blue Shield helped Kathy find a new medical group and family doctor better suited to Greg’s health needs.

Greg still has a long way to go in terms of treatments and procedures, but the couple remain hopeful that one day they can return to Colorado to enjoy the fun trip they have planned with their daughter.

“When members have more information about the benefits available to them, they have a better experience,” said Martin-Gill. “It’s our job to make sure they have that information from the start, and we’ve made significant efforts to improve our member focus.”

Burt: Overcoming barriers to achieve health goals

Burt suffers from multiple chronic illnesses and depression. Traveling to and from doctor’s appointments at numerous Southern California clinics has been challenging, especially after his knee surgeries on both sides. But that all changed when he enrolled in Blue Shield’s home care program through Landmark.

During his first home visit, a Landmark Care Navigator helped create a plan for Burt to meet his health goals of losing weight and seeing an oncologist for the malignant tumor in his jaw.

Even with those goals in mind, there were still barriers. Burt did not know how to manage the tumor and was reluctant to see the oncologist for fear of the cost and distance to get there. His care navigator continued to encourage him to seek medical attention and it worked. Finally convinced, Burt obtained transportation services through Blue Shield and began radiation therapy.

“Blue Shield of California and Landmark were the best things that have ever happened to me,” Burt said.

Today, Burt’s cancer is in remission. While still somewhat uncomfortable, he can move his jaw and neck much more freely. His mood is high and he is eager to find a new job and get back to work.

“Our continued focus on delivering a quality member experience is an important part of our mission to create a healthcare system worthy of our family and friends and sustainably affordable,” said Martin-Gill.